1/1/2012 The Indian in the Cupboard

I recently reread this childhood classic and then my sister’s mentee recently watched it in their elementary class, so my brother-in-law brought his VHS from home over their Christmas break. We watched on Sunday night around 6:30 so I would still be able to catch the 9:00 showing of Downton Abbey on PBS.

There’s some violence, nothing too graphic though, it is a kid’s movie. Partial nudity, on the part of Little Bear in the loin cloth but I didn’t notice until the end when he is no longer the size of a plastic toy. Since I recently read the book, I noticed that some parts that would have been cool to see on film were cut out. Also they moved the story from the United Kingdom to the United States, which seemed like a big plot change to me. The tension between Omri and Patrick was a little too much drama. Also, a lot of the movie was close-ups of Omri’s face. But it is the first Toy Story if you think about it. After they’ve read the book. B


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