1/2/2012 Speed

Last night, my roommate and I watched Sandra Bullock’s Speed. I’m a huge Sandra fan and I’ve made it my goal in life to own all of her movies. This has resulted in me owning a handful of movies that I’ve never watched. My goal with this project is to watch all the movies I own this year and decide whether or not it’s really worth keeping them all. So I’ve set a stack of notecards by the movie shelf and every time I watch one I will put the date on the card and a short review of the movie, which will be somewhat for myself for determining what age my potential children will be allowed to watch it

On to the review.

F-Bombs, talk of sex, lots of violence and explosions. The first half hour or so, are very dry. I accredit this to the lack of Sandra at the beginning of the movie. After she gets behind the wheel, the story is non-stop action. There’s a bit of cheese, but overall a good movie. Maybe 14 (they might have to hide this one from me in a drawer if they get if before that age) B-

Notecard Review


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