1/7/2012 Thor

So Erin works nights and had lots of energy and we ended up watching Thor right after Captain America. I drank three cups of pop at supper so I was wired when we started, but quickly faded into a drowsy stupor. It’s a good thing I’ve seen this movie a lot. I still want to go out and buy a book on Norse mythology though.


This movie is beautiful. The cinematography, angles, and amazing views of space and the stars are gorgeous. The beginning of the movie jumps around a bit more than I would like, spending more time in Yodenheim than on Earth and since I’m more familiar with Earth, I would rather hang out there. It’s a superhero movie, so there’s a decent amount of violence, nothing overly graphic though. There’s some sexual tension between Thor and Jane. Just enough humorous bits to lighten the mood and it’s an A movie. 13, A


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