1/30/2012 Andre

I’ve been sick like all week with a sinus infection. I took a couple of days off my internship and signed up for the one week trial of hulu plus, I was that sick. (Based off of my hulu tv watching, I highly recommend “Once Upon A Time”, which is conveniently the hour before “Downton Abbey” on Sundays.) So Tuesday, I watched Andre, my favorite movie from when I was little. The seal is sick for a while so I could relate.

Andre is a story about a girl with no friends who befriends a sick, orphaned seal. They become best friends and she teaches him some sweet tricks. The seal becomes famous but some people in the harbor can’t handle the happiness coming from Tony (the girl) and her perfect family. So he goes after Andre (the seal) by gun, pitchfork and the feds. There’s some violence but it’s a fight for a good cause and Tony’s teenage brother pulls some pranks like switching a beer bottle with a ginger beer bottle. Also underage smoking is hilarious when they’re caught in a cloud of smoke. 5 with parental guidance. A-.


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