2/4/2012 50/50

Erin and I did breakfast and a movie, which is an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning. Also 50/50 is a great friend flick. And I realized that I need to get a job, because I could not afford cancer right now. Available at Redbox but it might just be good enough to own.

I was a little nervous going into this movie because it’s an R-rated, Seth Rogen movie, so I expected lots of bad language. There was quite a bit of language but there’s a really great story underneath. (NPR ate it up when it first came out, probably because the main guys work at Seattle Public Radio.) Adam (Gordon-Levitt) handles having cancer better than his parents, best friend, and girlfriend. No violence, one sex scene, and lots of hospital time but it’s nothing like medical tv shows. Some great parts are meeting Adam’s chemo buddies and when Adam’s girlfriend gets him the ugliest dog ever. Amazing performances by Gordon-Levitt and Anna Kendrick. 17 at least, but 20 would be better (although it portrays the mom as crazy at first, you learn to love her,) and B+ mainly because the bad language was a turn off for me.


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