2/11/12 Sleepless in Seattle

Kate and I were flipping through the channels, or I was, since I had the remote and Sleepless in Seattle  was on so I settled there. Kate hadn’t seen it and since I own it, I popped it in. It would be a great Valentine’s Day movie.

Sleepless is the story of a man who loses his wife and then moves from Chicago to Seattle to get away from all the memories. About a year and a half later (I’m probably making up that number) his son, Jonah, calls a radio doctor/therapist, saying that his dad is sad and he wants him to be happy. Jonah convinces Sam (Hanks) to get on the phone. And who would happen to be driving separate from her fiance that Christmas Eve night but Meg Ryan. Basically, Annie (Ryan) becomes obsessed with Sam and his story because she and her fiance lack the “magic.” So with the help of her friend Becky (Rosie O’Donnell) she writes a letter and even does a little stalking. My favorite part was when Sam’s sister starts explaining the movie “An Affair to Remember” and sobbing and then Sam and his brother-in-law start doing the same thing about an action movie with lots a fake crying. They say the word sex about three times, maybe, other than that, pretty clean and super cute. 13, A.


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