2/24/2012 Cowboys and Aliens

HyVee Chinese and a Redbox movie, a staple in the lives of Sioux Falls college students and everyone. Erin and I stood at the Redbox machine for like 10 minutes trying to decide between Cowboys and Aliens, Real Steel, and What’s Your Number. We finally decided on Cowboys and Aliens. We later admitted that neither of us like alien movies very much probably what made the decision process take so long.

I may or may not have been reading a magazine to catch up on my Sandra Bullock during the first 15 minutes of this movie so my initial confusion was probably more than most.

Jake (Daniel Craig) wakes up in the wild west with a strange cuff on his arm and no memory of who he is. He walks to the closest town, where the preacher/doctor fixes him up. Then Woodrow Dolarhyde’s (Harrison Ford) spoiled son gets into trouble that even his trusty Native American ranch hand can’t solve: jail. Turns out Jake’s a thief and one of the last people he robbed was Dolarhyde. Aliens attack and abduct Dolarhyde’s son and other townsfolk. Since Jake has the special cuff that can bring down alien ships, the theft is forgotten for the time as a dozen or so townspeople set out to rescue their loved ones. Aliens, gold, band of robbers, dogs, and Native Americans (I’m tired so the plot is slightly jumbling in my head and I don’t want to give too much away.)

I liked this movie. As I said earlier, I don’t really like alien movies but I liked the humans in this movie and that makes the gross aliens with stomach/chest arms tolerable, but still gross. It was kind of predictable at the beginning. Of course they are going to go after the aliens who are taking their loved ones. But oh the twist! I did not see that one coming. Quite a bit of violence and blue alien blood, some nudity (backside), and creepy alien chest arms. 14, B+.


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