2/25/2012 He’s Just Not That Into You

I borrowed this from Erin since I’m still on my “Once Upon A Time” Ginnifer Goodwin kick. I’m usually hesitant about movies with too many stars in them but I gave Valentine’s Day (the movie) a shot and I actually liked that one.

So many plot lines. Main one: single girl (Goodwin) always makes up excuses as to why boy isn’t calling her. She explains this to a bartender and he has this theory that if a guy likes a girl, he will call her. The girl doesn’t take this well but she still applies it to all of her past relationships and it spills over into her friends/coworkers relationships as well.

I didn’t like the affair storyline but all the others were good stories though. Quite a few awkward scenes when I was wishing to be watching a different storyline. That’s my main problem with the ‘so many plot lines’ fad, you’re not going to love every story. A couple almost sex scenes, lots of snogging, and some language. 18 (out of the house,) B-.


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