2/29/2012 Leap Year

Erin and I decided to watch Leap Year on Leap Day since real life is for March: 30 Rock clip: Leap Day Celebration!.

Leap Year is the story of a Anna (Amy Adams) and Jeremy (Adam Scott.) They’ve been dating for a few years and Anna expects he will be asking the question soon, but the jewelry box is earrings, not a ring. Jeremy leaves for a business thing in Dublin. Anna’s dad (John Lithgow) tells her about her grandmother proposing to her grandfather on Leap Day, in Ireland, the day that a woman can propose to a man. So Anna’s flying to Dublin but turbulence happens forcing her land in not Dublin and the storm makes most forms of travel unavailable. She ends up at in the pub owned by a mysterious and somewhat rude Declan (Matthew Goode.) Declan agrees to drive Anna to Dublin for a price, since he needs money to keep the pub open. Road trip time.

I like this movie. It may be the handsome Matthew Goode or the amazing scenery of Ireland or the beautiful music of Ireland but most likely a combination of all of those. The plot is a little predictable but it’s a romantic comedy and it’s good at that. Some of the best parts are the old men who frequent Declan’s pub and argue about random superstitions. Ireland must be the most romantic country in the world since it’s got two romantic movies (this one and P.S. I Love You.) There’s some drunkenness, awkward kissing, maybe some innuendo. 13, (it’s only rated PG) A.


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