3/9/12 Overboard

This is on Netflix instant view, so grab yourself some cookie dough and chocolate animal crackers and enjoy some movie magic.

Dean Proffitt, carpenter, builds the snotty, rich Joanna an amazing closet. Joanna refuses to pay him because he didn’t use cedar, the closet wood. She pushes him and his tools overboard. This is on the Oregon coast, for those wondering. One night, Joanna falls off the yacht and no one hears her cries for help. She’s picked up by a garbage barge, (or something, I’m from the Midwest, so no clue on the kind of boat) and is taken to the hospital and placed in the psych ward because she can’t remember who she is and gets a little violent. Her husband sees her on the morning news and goes to pick her up, but leaves her at the hospital without talking to her. Dean sees this as an opportunity for payback. He’s got four boys at home and the place is a pit, so he pretends that Joanna is his wife ‘Annie’ and introduces her to their four sons. Life in the Proffitt house is not pretty. Annie has lots of cleaning to do, but she starts to feel at home. The photoshopped pictures of her wedding helped a little. That’s all the plot you’re getting.

I liked this movie. There’s heart and comedy. Some of the best parts are Goldie Hawn learning how to clean the house. The youngest son talks like Pee Wee Herman and when Annie and him are introduced she says, “we have a falsetto child?” They have a water fight in the house and end up outside covered in poison oak, probably a ‘have to see it’ kind of thing. If you like mini golf, you will probably like this movie.

This movie’s got some sex, lots of alcohol, and some language. 15, A-.


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