3/18/2012 Zoolander

I worked the hockey game this evening (Stampede win!) and on my way back I stopped at a convenience store for cream soda and some sour gummi worms (just like high school). So since Lauren suggested I watch Zoolander approximately a month ago, I decided to watch it, well I pulled out a bunch of movies and then let Kate pick. She’d never seen it before so I feel like she is much more cultured and relevant now. Also, it fits with my high school theme since I remember watching this with my friends.

Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is up for his fourth straight male modeling award but Hansel, (Owen Wilson) who is so hot right now, beats him out. He’s starts to question the meaning of life and his career choice. His roommates, also models, try to cheer him up by getting orange mocha frappaccinos but then they die tragically in a freak gasoline fight accident. A reporter had been writing an article on Zoolander and it painted him in a negative light, adding to his low self esteem. She’s at the funeral because now she’s after the story behind Mugatu (Will Ferrell), a fashion designer, and child labor. Earlier, we saw Maury Ballstein, a model agent, conversing with Mugatu about hiring Derek to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia, because he was outlawing child labor in his country. But Derek heads home to his coal mining father and brothers, trying to find himself again. You’ll have to watch it to find out if Derek returns to modeling or becomes a coal miner.

This movie is crazy, crazy awesome. Not only is it hilarious and filled with amazing one-liners, it has an interesting story guiding the whole thing. Be prepared for tons of cameos, the movie was produced by VH1, among other companies, and features red carpet interviews. I think there might be a Zoolander 2 in pre-production; I hope it can live up to the first. Question: will tiny cell phones ever not be funny? (Jeffrey’s at approximately the four minute mark.) There’s some sex, innuendo, language and comedic violence (break dance fighting). 16, A.


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