3/29/2012 The Debt

Ashley was a history major so we decided to watch The Debt because it has Nazis in it. We were debating whether to Redbox this or Hanna, I think we were both in the mood for an action movie.

The Debt is about three young Israelite spies (Mossad agents) living in East Germany in the 1960’s, trying to find a Nazi surgeon, who had done terrible things to the Jews during WWII. The movie opens in 1997, when a young journalist publishes a book, telling the spies’ story, two of which are her parents, Rachel and Stephan. During the opening credits, David, the third spy, is seen being escorted from his apartment to a car, but instead of getting into the car, he steps into oncoming traffic and is run over. The movie flashes back and forth for a bit, but it settles into a flashback about their mission to get the war criminal to stand trial for his crimes. Rachel poses as a young wife trying to get pregnant and goes frequently to the doctor, who just so happens to be the surgeon. Their plan was in the final stage when of course, they are spotted and nearly caught. Now all they can do is keep the surgeon prisoner and wait for help to come, and to set up an escape plan.

You know it’s going to be a crazy movie when a guys gets run over by a bus within the first ten minutes. I was not expecting that. This movie was very intense and the story of it was amazing. Ashley and I were kind of guessing what the twist would be but not until it was almost upon us. Helen Mirren was great and also Jessica Chastain playing young Helen Mirren. Sam Worthington’s character was so deeply complex and he portrayed that brilliantly. There’s quite a bit of violence and blood, some language (in front of a small child no less) and implied sex. 18 at least, it’s got some history and social justice lessons in it, B- because I was still puzzled at the end of the movie and concerned for the main character.


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