4/5/2012 Finding Nemo

I don’t think I’ve reviewed any animated movies yet, so I decided to watch Finding Nemo. Emperor’s New Groove was also in the running, mainly because they are right next to each other, alphabetically.

I don’t really need to go through the plot of this, do I? The clownfish couple, Marlin and Coral, are very excited to be new parents, they’ve got the new house (sea anemone) and are counting the days until their eggs hatch. Cue scary fish. Marlin is knocked unconscious trying to save Coral, but the scary fish eats Coral and all the eggs. As Marlin surveys the damage, he finds one egg, out of the hundreds, and he names it Nemo. Flash forward to Nemo’s first day of school. Marlin is the typical nervous father but when he hears that the class is going to go to the drop-off, he freaks and demands that Nemo come back home with him. Nemo swims away to touch a boat and as he is swimming back, a diver catches him. Marlin chases after the boat but he soon loses the trail. He meets Dory, a forgetful fish, who claims to have just seen a boat. Problem is, she has short term memory loss, and leads them into the arms of a shark.

This movie is amazing. It has so many funny lines and scenes like the sharkaholics anonymous meeting, the surfer turtles, and whale talk. The soundtrack of this movie is great; Darla’s scary violin theme cracks me up. The voice casting of the movie is also phenomenal; you try to not tear up when Dory (Ellen Degeneres) says “I look at you, and I’m home.” Also, there are a lot of fun accents. All of the colors are so vivid, it’s almost like you’re scuba diving. Pixar has the art of movie making and story telling down. 4 but with an adult, there’s quite a few scary fish. A+.


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