4/6/2012 Contagion

Erin and I both had the night off, so to Redbox we did go.

Contagion is the story of how an epidemic spreads. It starts with Beth (Paltrow), who traveled to Hong Kong for work, and took a virus back home with her. She dies within a couple days and so does her young son. Her husband (Matt Damon) seems to be immune. The movie jumps all over the place, showing the first few cases of people who die from it and then the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Jude Law plays a blogger/journalist who knows it’s going to be the next bird flu and tries to warn people through his website. Kate Winslet is a doctor who is sent to Minneapolis (Beth’s home city) to try and quarantine people who were in contact with her. She’s kind of a public relations doctor for the CDC. Back in Hong Kong, they are retracing Beth’s steps to know where the disease came from exactly. Winslet’s character is setting up an emergency quarantine hospital in a sports arena, when she becomes ill with the virus and the world falls into chaos.

Since when did heartbeats become music? It wasn’t a terrible soundtrack but very dramatic. For the faint of heart, try to look away during Gwen’s autopsy. There’s a lot of jumping around at the beginning, what with following all the outbreaks and those responding to them. Jude Law’s character is a creep. Since some of the story was set in Minneapolis, I had a geek out moment when I saw the Kare 11 news logo on Matt Damon’s tv. 16 or whenever I need to force my kids to clean (I wiped down my phone, remotes, and keys when it got over,) B-.


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