4/19/2012 A Time To Kill

I got off work early and decided it was a movie kind of night. My copy skipped a bunch of scenes the first half so this will be an abridged review. Also,  I’m writing this ten days later, so I’ve forgotten a lot of details.

The movie has a very violent beginning. Tonya, a young, African American girl is walking home with a couple bags of groceries when two white guys, with a Confederate flag in their truck window, rape her and try to kill her. She survives and is able to tell the police who attacked her. The two men are arrested. On their way to their trial, Carl Lee, Tonya’s father, shoots them. A young, white lawyer, Jake Brigance takes his case. Ellen Roark had been following the trial and as a law student, offers to help Jake with the case. He turns her help down at first, but as the attacks on his family, coworkers, and house increase, he accepts. Courtroom drama ensues. His wife and daughter leave town for safety reasons. The trial causes the Klan to form up again and protest.

This movie is intense. There’s a lot of violence in the crimes committed and also by the protesters and the Klan. From what I saw it was a good movie. It’s a compelling courtroom drama set during the civil rights era in the South. I was very upset that my DVD skipped. I feel like I missed a lot. It just goes to show the risk involved in buying a movie from the $5 bin. Caution: this movie can cause tears. 16, B.


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