4/27/2012 Iron Man

In preparation for the new Avengers movie and in honor of Sherri’s birthday: Iron Man.

Tony Stark is the ultimate rich playboy. And he’s not a nice friend. As the head of Stark Industries, a weapons manufacturer, he goes to the Middle East for a demonstration of the Jericho Missile. The line of Humvees is blown up as they are leaving the demonstration site and Tony is nearly killed by a Stark Industries missile. When he wakes, he realizes he’s attached to a car battery. It’s powering an electromagnet to keep shrapnel out of his heart. Stark is a hostage and to earn his freedom he must build a Jericho missile for his captors. Another hostage befriends him and they scrap the plans for the missile and turn to making a suit that will be powered by Stark’s new heart. Tony blows up the camp and flies away. He returns to America but decides to stop making weapons at Stark Industries. Stain, his business partner, tells him to lie low and recover, so Tony begins making a better suit, becoming Iron Man.

Iron Man’s got style. It has a good balance of action, drama, and comedy. Also, Tony Stark is really cool. Everybody has tried to jump and fly at some point in their life and Tony can do just that. After being held hostage, Tony has a change of heart (both literally and figuratively). He uses his suit, primarily to do good and fight his captors. Also, Jeff Bridges is great in this movie. This movie has everything, sex, violence, alcohol, and ice cream. 14, A.


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