4/29/2012 Iron Man 2

Kate and I are trying to see all of the Avengers movies before The Avengers comes out. I’m missing the Hulk movies though.

The suit is killing Tony! Basically, a disgraced Russian physicist, Anton Vanko, who had worked with Tony’s dad dies and his son, Ivan, builds his own mini arc reactor and suit with whips to take revenge on the Stark family. The U.S. government is trying to get the rights to the suit away from Tony. The chip inside Tony’s “heart” is raising his blood toxicity level at an alarming rate. Hammer, Tony’s business rival, wants to one up the Iron Man suit. Oh, and Nick Fury is putting together a team. Tony goes to a car race in Monaco and typical Tony, he decides to be the driver. Ivan chooses this time to debut his super suit and destroy a bunch of cars as well as almost kill Tony. Pepper and Happy arrive on the scene with Tony’s suit. Action sequence. Tony wins this round and Ivan is sent to prison. But, somebody thinks Ivan is the key to beating Tony in the super suit making process. Hammer time.

Iron Man 2 is awesome and maybe even more thrilling than the first. Rourke plays a very impressive villain. Tony names Pepper Potts CEO of Stark Industries so there are a few more scenes with them together, which are always hilarious. Iron Man isn’t the only super hero in this movie, Rhodey suits up and they introduce the Black Widow, (Johansson) who is also kicking butt. Some of my favorite scenes are after Tony’s birthday party when he’s eating donuts up in a giant donut and when Tony says “I was going to make you an omelet and tell you.” 14 (the villain is a little scarier in this one) and A.


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