5/8/2012 Despicable Me

Kate hadn’t seen this movie and I knew she would love it, so I got it for her birthday.

Someone has stolen the pyramid! But it wasn’t Gru. Gru is a down-on-his-luck-villain who hasn’t had a very good year. He did steal the Times Square jumbo-tron and the Eiffel Tower (Vegas) and the Statue of Liberty (also from Vegas). The plan: to steal the moon, well, shrink it first and then steal it. So off to the evil villain’s bank to borrow some money. But Mr. Perkins won’t give him a loan because he doesn’t have the shrink ray yet. Cut to, stealing the shrink ray from somewhere in Asia only to have the shrink ray stolen from him by Vector. Gru tries to break into Vector’s house but he has it pretty well protected with guns, bombs, and a shark but if you’re an orphan girl selling cookies, he will welcome you right in. Gru starts a new plan. He goes to the orphanage and adopts the three girls who had been selling cookies to Vector; Margo, Edith, and Agnes. The new plan involves cookie robots (not boogie robots) that will open up the safe so Gru can steal the shrink ray. On the way back to their house, they pass an amusement park. Gru decides that it would be a good place to abandon the three girls.

This movie is hilarious. I feel like I’m forgetting some very important characters: the minions! They are Gru’s assistants who are the test subjects for an anti-gravity serum and the shrink ray. They also speak this hilarious form of gibberish. As animated movies go, it’s very well drawn/computer generated. The dialogue and story are also top-notch. I love when animated movies have amazing voices behind the characters too. Gru is Steve Carell and his mom is Julie Andrews. The only “bad” thing in the movie is cartoon violence/explosions, so 4/5, A.

Kate’s favorite part: “it was your cousin’s idea” (Edith after Gru caught the girls and the two minions looking after them being naughty ) “Whaaaaa?” (Minion). My favorite part: when Miss Hattie from the orphanage is reading Gru’s resume before he can adopt the girls. “You can hold your breath for 30 seconds, I think everyone can do that. You have your own cooking show?” (So that’s not word for word, but it’s funny because the minions are getting into a fight over what else they can put on Gru’s resume.)

Here’s the teaser trailer for Despicable Me 2 coming 2013


“Take that tiny toilet!” What are some of your favorite lines from Despicable Me?


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