5/11/2012 Mulan

After a strange night of ear wax, Culver’s, mint juleps and DDR, Kate, Erin, and I watched Mulan. I’m pretty sure Erin slept through most of it though.

Mulan is set in ancient China where women are supposed to bare sons and keep out of the men’s way. This does not set well with Mulan. After she brings dishonor to her family by making a fool of herself at the matchmaker’s, she does something even worse. She speaks to a man, who represents the emperor and is drafting men for war, and pleads with him to spare her father, who has already served in the emperor’s army. But neither the army rep. nor her father, listen to her. Note: The Huns have crossed over the Great Wall and are going to attack the emperor. While her parents and grandmother are sleeping, Mulan steals her father’s armor, cuts off her hair, and rides her horse off to trainng camp. When her family wakes up and finds her missing, they pray to their ancestors. Mushu, once a guardian with the ancestors, wakes up all of Mulan’s ancestors with a gong. They debate about which guardian would be best for Mulan in this situation and settle on the Great Stone Dragon. So Mushu takes his gong and tries to wake up the statue. But he hits it one too many times with his gong and the statue crumbles. Mushu decides that he will go in the GSD’s place and help Mulan win the war so he can be a guardian again. He also befriends the lucky cricket that Mulan had been given for her dishonorable trip to the matchmaker. Welcome to boot camp, Mulan. She has to act like a man, with advice coming from Mushu, so she ends up a few fights. But her captain doesn’t think she is suited for war and he kicks her out of camp, adding to Mulan’s dishonor.

Did I mention that this an animated musical? It is and it is awesome. This movie fits right in with the Disney Classics with it’s design, story, and music. The artists used traditional Chinese art forms throughout the movie, which helps the setting. Mulan’s Grandma is one of the funniest characters in the movie so watch for her scenes. Mulan shows little girls that they should follow their heart and stick up for what they believe in no matter what; So in a way, it promotes cross dressing. In junior high, I was in a girls’ choir that had to sing “Reflections” a couple of times and if you can still like the song (and movie) coming out of that, you know it’s a good one. Other than cartoon violence, this movie is pretty clean cut, 4, A.

Does anyone else consider this a Christmas movie? It does have a lot of snow, which I consider to be a factor in determining whether a movie can be declared a “Christmas movie.”


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