5/12/2012 War Horse

Movie night with Erin and Sherri. Catching up on those Best Picture Oscar noms.

This epic movie follows the horse, Joey, through his many adventures in life and the humans who befriend him along the way. He’s bought at market by a foolish farmer who thinks this thoroughbred can be used as a plow horse. The farmer’s son, Albert, finally teaches him how to plow when the fate of the family farm rests on Joey’s shoulders. Then World War I starts and horses become a hot commodity; the dad sells Joey to a captain, against Albert’s wishes. The captain promises to take good care of Joey and even writes Albert a letter with hand drawn pictures of Joey but he is killed in battle. New technology and old military styles are quite devastating. So Joey is taken by the Germans. But the boys who are in charge of the horses, decide to run off with Joey and another horse before they are separated. They run to a farm (they are in France now, by the way) but are caught and shot for deserting. Emilie, who lives on the farm with her grandfather, finds the horses in their windmill. She takes care of them and tries to teach him how to jump. Once when the German army raids their farm, she hides them in her room. On her first day of riding, she rides over a hill and right into a German raiding party and they steal her horses. Joey and the black horse, start pulling guns for the Germans near the trenches.

This is a great story. I loved how we followed the horse the whole time and how the people around him interacted with him. He was a pretty lucky horse and always ended up in the hands of someone who thought he was a special horse. John Williams score is amazing of course. The battle scenes felt real, which added lots of depth to the setting. My favorite character was Emilie’s grandfather, he just had so much love his granddaughter, it was really sweet. It is a long movie but World War I was a long war, sooo. This movie proves that the name Albert doesn’t have the best nicknames: Albie? I’m a big fan of horse movies in general because I think they are beautiful animals. If you were on the lookout for Harry Potter movie ties, Lupin is in this movie. There’s quite a bit of violence and explosions but its historical violence so 13, A- (the minus is mainly because it’s a sad movie.)

What’s your favorite horse movie? Is War Horse up their on your list?


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