5/13/2012 What’s Your Number

Redbox movie night with Ashley.

Ally’s life isn’t going so great. She wakes up one day and breaks up with her low-life boyfriend only to get fired at work that same day. To make things worse, her younger sister has her life all together and is getting married and Ally has to help with all kinds of wedding planning and showers. She reads a magazine article that says the average number of lovers a woman has is 10.5, and Ally has had 20. After running into Disgusting Donald, who has slimmed down since they dated, Ally realizes that people can get better with time and she tries to find out what everyone on her list (of who she’s slept with) is doing now. Problem, she’s having a hard time finding everyone  just using Google and Facebook. Then she remembers that her neighbor, Collin, had mentioned being a good researcher, coming from a family of cops. She does a trade-off with him: he’ll find her guys and in return, he can use her apartment to hide from his one-night-stands. This is going along pretty smashing, until Ally leaves to find a guy in D.C. and Collin realizes that he has feelings for her.

Captain America, what are you doing in such a raunchy movie? Speaking directly to me, that’s what. Ally and I are in similar life situations (kind of); both looking for a job and figuring out what we want. And Collin tells her that she needs to do what she wants to do and not what everybody else expects. This movie is rather predictable, but what rom com isn’t? It has a lot of great funny scenes and I included the English accent bit below. Sometimes I feel like Anna Faris is typecast as Shelly from House Bunny a lot and Ally maybe could have been written with more depth. There’s lots of sex and  language in this movie and I don’t want to shatter the clean image of Captain America too early, so 18, B+.

Do you think you could trick someone into thinking you’re from another country?


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