5/30/2012 Win A Date with Tad Hamilton!

Girls’ Night Round 2 at our apartment. Kate made these amazing brownies, that we ate with ice cream. They were a perfect pairing for the chick flick Amanda brought.

Win A Date with Tad Hamilton tells the story of a small town girl who meets her celebrity crush. After a slight donation scam at the check out lanes of the Piggly Wiggly Rosalee works at, she enters the contest and wins, obviously. The date isn’t pretty. Rosalee was a nervous wreck the whole time and Tad is only there because it’s a publicity stunt to make up for a wild night. The most awkward of dates occurs. Rosalee heads back to her West Virginia home, excited to tell her friends/co-workers all about her date. Pete, the manager of Piggly Wiggly, is working up the courage to tell Rosalee that he loves her and wants her to move to Richmond with him, when Tad Hamilton walks into the break room. He’s reconsidering his life because he hasn’t gotten the part in this movie that would be perfect for him. So he decides to slow down a bit and learn to enjoy life by hanging with Rosalee. He even buys a farm and it looks like he might stick around for a while. Will Pete ever work up the courage to tell Rosalee how he feels?

This movie is a pretty typical romantic comedy. It has lots of great one-liners. One of the funniest scenes is when Tad shows Rosalee, Pete, and Cathy around his farm and Pete tries to show off but Tad keeps one-upping them. Tad’s agent and manager, played by Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes, are quite the comedic pair. The cheese factor is pretty high throughout the movie. Over all, it’s a cute rom com and we laughed a lot. There’s quite a bit of innuendo so 16, B.


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