6/2/12 The Five Year Engagement

Naomi and I went to the cheap seats, mainly for the popcorn.

The Five Year Engagement starts with Tom proposing to Violet on New Year’s Eve. She says yes. So the wedding planning begins. At their engagement party, Tom’s best friend, Alex, and Violet’s sister, Suzie, hook up and Suzie becomes pregnant. They decide to get married and their wedding pushes Tom and Violet’s to the back burner. Meanwhile Violet gets a job at Michigan state, doing post-doctorate psychology studies. When Tom gives his resignation notice to his boss, she informs him that she was planning on naming him head chef at her new restaurant. In Michigan, Violet loves her work and co-workers but Tom can’t find a chef job, except for a local sandwich shop. He learns how to hunt and tries to like living in Michigan, but he doesn’t. Violet sees Tom’s depressed state and tries to help him. She seeks advice from Winston, her boss, also a psychologist, and they end up kissing one night at a bar. Violet rushes to find Tom and admit that she kissed Winston but it showed her that she truly loved Tom so now the wedding is back on. Their whole family has come to Michigan for the event, but when Winston shows up to the rehearsal, Tom loses control and fights him. Tom wakes up in the woods without one of toes and the engagement is off. He moves back to San Francisco and Violet stays in Michigan.

A movie entitled The Five Year Engagement kind of gives away the ending, I just left you at the climax. I liked this movie. Tom and Violet are interesting characters and so are their friends and family. My favorite scene is when Violet and Suzie have a serious conversation about life in front of Suzie’s two kids using Elmo and Cookie Monster voices. The movie seemed like it could have been real life, which makes the characters more lovable. Also, this movie made hunting look hilarious, which for a South Dakota girl who doesn’t hunt, is nice to see. For example, three grown men emerge from their tent with guns in hand and hand-knitted sweaters on because one of them is a stay at home dad, who also knits. This movie is rated R for sex and language so 18 or out of the house, A- just because is was a little long.


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