6/6/12 Two Weeks Notice

Sherri was in town for the night and we wanted to watch a movie. It took us quite a while to decide but I wanted to watch this one because I turned in my two weeks notice at Toys earlier that week.

Lucy Kelson is an activist. Two Weeks Notice starts with Lucy and her best friend Meryl and Meryl’s fiance, Tom, protesting the destruction of an historic building. The next day, Lucy goes straight to the source of most of the¬†demolitions, George Wade. He’s just lost his company’s lawyer and after learning that Lucy graduated from Harvard Law, he offers her a job. Lucy makes a deal with George. If he promises to not demolish the community center in her neighborhood, she’ll work for him. George agrees and Lucy starts working for him. He starts to depend on Lucy for everything, from being his divorce lawyer to helping him pick out his ties. Lucy draws the line when George calls her out of Meryl’s wedding for an emergency that turns out to be choosing a suit and tie for the Miss USA Pageant. George makes finding a new job hard for Lucy by calling everyone she’s interviewing with and telling them that she is invaluable to Wade Industries. Lucy also helps to pick her replacement. When George shows interest in the redhead who will be the next lawyer for the company, Lucy starts to feel something for George.

I love Sandra Bullock. Ask anyone who knows me and they could tell you that I’m a huge Sandra fan. I want to own all of her movies someday. (I’ve got a spreadsheet that shows which ones I own and which ones I don’t, if you need a birthday present idea.) This movie is a typical romantic comedy but Sandra makes it great. The funniest part (for me) is when Lucy and George are driving back from their tennis game, and Lucy has to go to the bathroom so bad, that “Taking Care of Business” starts playing. My favorite part is probably the scenes when Lucy orders Chinese food. Sandra can make even the simplest things, amazing, “Yes, this is for one.” There’s a little innuendo, some alcohol, 14, A, only because Hugh Grant really only has the one stuttering, Englishman character.

Which Hugh Grant movie is your favorite?


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