7/14/2012 The Amazing Spiderman

Note: I apologize for the long absence. My About Me page will most likely be updated very soon which will help explain the lack of movie reviews.

The Amazing Spiderman was a first for me. No, not my first Spiderman movie. I’ll have you know that I bought my very own web blaster back in high school, which I sold at a rummage sale last year.

It was my first time going to a movie by myself. It was weird not to make comments like, “oh my goodness, I love this Coldplay song,” “is that young Shawn Spencer from Psych? I’ve been watching Psych all weekend, it has to be,” or “Stan Lee, you are a comic and comic book genius. That was maybe your best cameo ever.” It was good though. Almost as if without anyone sitting by you, you are more able to escape into the story, which is what I wanted to do with my Saturday night. The plot summary is pretty long but in my defense, the movie is about two and a half hours long.

The Amazing Spiderman was once a very cute big brown-eyed boy, who adored his father. When his house was robbed, by people out to get Richard Parker’s research and equations, Richard and his wife, Mary, send their son, Peter, to live with Richard’s brother Ben and his wife, May. (I’m writing this without access to IMDB so I apologize if any of the names are wrong.) The movie flashes forward to Peter in high school, still living with his aunt and uncle. Peter’s a pretty good kid. He’s smart and he tries to stand up to a bully for another kid. One night, he find’s his father’s briefcase in the basement because he and Ben were hauling stuff up from the basement, which was flooding a little. Peter finds a secret compartment containing his dad’s research. After a little Internet research and getting a name from his uncle, Peter decides to visit Dr. Curt Connors of Ozscorp. Connors had worked with Peter’s dad. Disguising himself as an intern, Peter tags along with the new intern group. Gwen Stacy, a girl from Peter’s school, leads the group on a tour of the labs as she is the head intern for Dr. Connors. Gwen covers for Peter, even though she knows he’s not really an intern. Peter decides to investigate away from the tour. He sees the same symbol that was on his father’s research on a door and sneaks into the room. It’s another lab filled with glowy spiders making silk. Obscorp sells the stuff and cable. Peter plucks a strand like a guitar string and the spiders rain down on him. He gets most of them off, but you guessed it, one was still in his jacket and it bit him.

He gets his spidey senses pretty much right away. On the subway ride home, he lays down to take a nap. Some guy decides to balance his beer bottle on his forehead and as soon as a drop of condensation falls on his face, Peter is up and fighting but he can’t control his spider grip. At school, Peter humiliates Flash, the bully from before, in a little one-on-one game of basketball. When Uncle Ben, has to leave work to meet with the principal, he’s very upset with Peter. Then Peter goes and talks with Dr. Connors. The Dr. is working on inter-species something or other, where humans can use certain aspects of animals for their own benefit. Connors seems to be fueled slightly by his stump of an arm. Peter gives him a logarithm that will work to give a mouse the reptile ability to regrow limbs. That night, Peter forgot he was supposed to pick up his Aunt May from work. May’s not too upset but Ben is because Peter didn’t do the responsible thing. He tries to teach Peter that his father was a good man who tried to help those he could. This causes Peter to storm out. Ben follows after him. Ben tries to help a store clerk by stopping a robber but the robber had a gun. Peter starts tracking any criminal reports of men with the same description.

Dr. Connors is notified that his lab is being shut down. His final act is to give himself a reptile injection. It turns him into a monster. Peter tries to tell the cops but they think he’s crazy. So he tries to get proof. He builds a web in the sewer, where he sees lizards leading him, and rigs his camera to it. Action sequence. Spiderman makes it out, but not without three gashes on his chest. Connors destroys the camera but not without seeing Peter’s name on it. The lizard attacks Peter at school. Peter learns that Connors is going to release the lizard serum into the air so that everyone turns into a scaly creature.

I thought The Amazing Spiderman was amazing. After the train wreck (in my opinion) of Spiderman 3, I was surprised they were continuing with the character so soon. The reboot was much better although it lacked J.K. Simmons (one of the better characters from the trilogy, again my opinion, but then again, this whole paragraph is my opinion). Tobey Macquire lacked so much emotion compared to Andrew Garfield’s masked crusader. The soundtrack was great. Coldplay’s “Til Kingdom Come” started with Gwen and Peter talking and then through a Peter skateboarding and using his spidey skills montage. Another great scene was high school librarian, Stan Lee, just going about his business with sound blocking headphones on, while Spiderman and Lizard are tearing the library apart behind him. Some one told that this movie has a better female role than the others. Where Mary Jane was always the damsel in distress, Gwen Stacy is one smart cookie that does her part to bring down the giant lizard man. There’s this one heartwarming scene when a construction worker, who is the father of a boy Spiderman saved, sees that Spiderman is injured and tells some of his men to move their cranes and help Spiderman get to a skyscraper. This movie has it all. Action, romance, scary villain, character growth, math terms I haven’t heard for while and some comedic one-liners. There’s quite a bit of violence, a small amount of alcohol and some making out so I’d say 13 and A.

Are you thinking about buying your own web blaster now?


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