9/21/2012 Lawless

I saw Lawless in Le Mars, Iowa with my sister. We were the only people in the theater thanks to a little event called homecoming.

Tweet review: (I think I might keep doing these for a while because they’re kinda fun)
3 brothers run a distillery during prohibition. Act like nothing can hurt em. Detective comes from city to stop bootleggers. Gotta love Shia

Lengthier review:
Lawless is the story of three brothers who run a gas station/diner plus a distillery on the side. A detective from Chicago comes to their small Virginia town to catch all the bootleggers. This man stops at nothing to teach the bootleggers a lesson. The Bondurant brothers have some close scrapes but they are known for being indestructible in that neck of the woods. One night, Howard isn’t there to back up Forest when men from the city come for some moonshine. Forest nearly dies but Maggie, the diner’s waitress, is the one who finds him and drives him to the hospital. With Forest laid up, Jack (Shia) decides to keep the business going. He nearly dies but Floyd Banner, gangster at large, hears his last name and they strike a deal. Jack goes around spending his money to woo a girl he likes but whose daddy doesn’t like him, at all. One day, Jack takes his girl out to show her the stills. Little did he know that the detective had been following him.

I has not done my research before seeing this movie so I did not know it was rated R . After the first F bomb was dropped, I got out my ticket to see what it was rated. Then Maggie and I watched the rest of the movie through our fingers. I still liked it though. It’s a great story with a really bad guy who has horrible hair and the good guys who have way better hair and of course the good guys are the Bondurant brothers who happen to be breaking the law. There is lots of violence and a few sex scenes. B+, 18, def not for anyone younger.


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