9/28/2012 Due Date

I watched this movie with my brother and sister-in-law (who fell asleep right away) and my s-i-l’s friend and her husband.

Tweet review:
Iron Man* is having a baby, put on no-fly list. Gets a cross-country ride from a clutz. Everything that can go wrong does. Good. Zach=hilar

Lengthier review:
Peter and Sarah are having a baby on Friday. At the beginning of the week, Peter is across the country on business. He gets on the plane like any other business trip he’s ever been on but sitting behind him is a guy who pushes all of Peter’s buttons. They both get kicked off the plane by an air marshal and Peter is placed on the no-fly list. He goes to rent a car but he left his wallet with ID and credit card on the plane. Ethan, the button-pusher, offers to drive with him because they’re both going to Los Angeles. Peter is reluctant but he doesn’t have any other choice. Chaos ensues.

Peter is a very uptight man and Ethan is not. This movie is kind of like “The Odd Couple” in movie form. This movie has some heart to it with a budding friendship (?) and Ethan grieving his father’s recent passing. But it’s mainly a comedy. It has some dirty parts. My favorite line is when Peter and Ethan are high (medical marijuana for Ethan’s glaucoma) and end up trying to get to Mexico. “I thought the sign said Texaco, we’re low on gas.” In the end, I was left wondering if the law ever caught up to them. B, 18+.

* A friend of mine once said that he uses an actor’s most famous role when referring to them in a new movie. It can make for some pretty hilarious movie plots. That’s why I referred to Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. I’ll probably keep doing that for the tweet reviews, just as a warning.


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