10/6/2012 Trouble with the Curve

I wanted to see this movie mainly because Amy Adams is my second favorite leading lady, after Sandra of course. As a sheltered youth, I was not an N*Sync fan and after “The Social Network” I didn’t really like Justin Timberlake because he played the jerk too well. And apparently Clint Eastwood is, like, a really good actor but I would not know that because this was quite possibly my first Eastwood movie.

Tweet Review:
Baseball scout might lose job to computers, eye probs. Daughter tries to help but both stubborn. Loved it. Great story. JT clogs? Previews!

Lengthier Review:
Gus Lobel could potentially lose his job because the young guys at work can do most of what he does using a computer program. Lobel is one of the best baseball scouts around though and he is stubborn and sticks to his old methods of watching the games and reading the papers. His eyesight is failing, making it hard to see the game or read the paper. Mickey, his daughter, is a successful lawyer who is about to make partner at her firm. When Pete, Gus’s friend and director of scouting for the Braves, notices that Gus isn’t doing so well and confronts Gus about it. Gus doesn’t appreciate that. Pete visits Mickey and tries to convince her to help her dad by going along with him on a scouting trip to the Carolinas. She turns him down. Later she calls her dad’s doctor and learns about the macular degeneration. Mickey tries to help her dad but he pushes her away. So he leaves on the scouting trip. After a cruel comment by a male coworker about work/family balance, Mickey decides to join her dad and just shows up to the game. When Mickey tries to talk about deeper things and not just baseball, her dad pushes her away, again. Meanwhile, Johnny a fellow scout and old recruit of Gus’s, has taken a liking to Mickey but like father, like daughter, she pushes him away.

This movie is sad. Gus’s wife died when Mickey was only six and they have a lot of problems that they’ve just shoved down over the years. Even though they technically have each other, they are both very much alone. Mickey did have a very nice apartment/place though. At first I thought her name was Becky and when I saw the monogrammed pillow with a big M on it, I was like, whaa? I liked this movie because it seemed real. Some movies seem overly thought out and you can’t relate to the character’s problems. But Trouble had believable problems to solve and flawed characters that were believable. I did not like the player they were scouting, he was a big meany. It’s rated PG-13 for language, sexual references, some thematic material and smoking, I took that directly from imdb.com by the way. Gus does smoke quite a bit, come to think of it. A, 13. Maybe don’t watch it with a parent, they might try to put you through therapy, or just ask if you think their parenting screwed you up in any way. My parents, if you’re reading this, I’m good.

I almost forgot. There was a preview for Lincoln, coming in November. I was that weird kid who if asked what era they would have liked to live in, I would say the Civil War so I’m looking forward to this movie. What era would you have like to live in?


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