10/20/2012 Disturbia

Ben came to town and we decided to carve some pumpkins but first we watched a scary movie.

Tweet review:
Witwicky under house arrest. Spies on neighbors. Thinks neighbor could be a murderer, cops don’t believe him. Scary movie. Funny best friend

Lengthier review:
Disturbia starts with a good ol’ fly fishin’ trip. Kale and his dad are enjoying the outdoors and being together. They get into a car accident on the way back home. Kale’s dad is killed on impact. The movie flashes forward to Kale in school about a year and half later. He’s called on in class but he hasn’t done his homework. His teacher says something about how losing a parent isn’t an excuse and Kale punches him. The teacher takes him to court and Kale gets 90 days on house arrest. The detective who sets up his ankle bracelet tells him he needs to find something constructive to do so he won’t go crazy. After his mom cuts his gaming system, iTunes account and tv, Kale takes to spying on his neighbors. There’s the annoying little boys who pull pranks on him, the guy who is having an affair with the housekeeper, the guy who mows his lawn a lot and the next door neighbor girl who goes swimming in her back yard. Ronnie, Kale’s friend, brings over some more high tech spying equipment for them to use. One day, Ashley, the swimmer, gets locked out of her house. She joins Ronnie and Kale in their spying. There’s been a case of a missing person on the news recently and Ronnie sees some similarities with the neighbor who mows the lawn all the time. They watch him bring home a red head from the club and pull out a knife. He uses the knife to cut a tag off her dress. One night, they see blood streaks in the upstairs window. Kale sends Ronnie into the garage to investigate but the neighbor closes the garage door on him and he’s trapped.

This movie is pretty scary. But then again, I can handle watching it (I watched it before about five years ago.) It’s an interesting story, I mean it’s not everyday your neighbor could potentially be a murderer. Ronnie and Kale are high school boys, so they’re really only interested in spying to see more of Ashley. It makes you wonder what you would do if you were confined to your house for three months. To wrap it up: good story, interesting characters and a leaning tower of twinkies. I think it’s rated PG-13 for some intense situations and maybe some sexual references. Since I didn’t watch it until I was 18, I’ll go with 18, A-, mainly just because I was quite scared afterword.

If you were under house arrest, how would you keep from going crazy?


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