10/27/2012 Here Comes the Boom

I went to this movie with some Pierre friends on Saturday. I really wanted to see Pitch Perfect, but they both had already seen it so we decided go to Here Comes the Boom.

Tweet Review:
Paul Blart is bad teacher but nice guy. Trys to help music teacher keep job by raising $. Trains to fight MMA. UFC! Everybody loves the Fonz

Lengthier Review:
Scott Voss was teacher of the year ten years ago, but doesn’t it feel like eight? He’s become a boring teacher since then and a little lazy. While trying to get out of bus duty, he finds out that Marty, the music teacher, is going to have a baby. Marty already has kids and his youngest is 22. Later the principal calls a teachers’ meeting. Budget stuff. They have to cut the arts. Scott stands up because he knows it not right for Marty to lose his job when he has a surprise baby on the way. He assumes that other teachers will help him raise money through fundraisers and the like, but only the school nurse goes to their planning meeting.

Scott starts working nights as a U.S. citizenship teacher, but the pay’s not great. He realizes that it’ll take years to raise the $40,000 they need to keep Marty’s job. Niko, a Dutch student of Scott’s, asks him for more help studying. Scott can’t say no (part of the reason he’s trying to raise the money in the first place) so after class one night he goes to Niko’s house. The UFC fight is on when he gets there. When he hears that a guy just made $10,000 just to lose, he decides to fight to raise the money. Niko sets Scott up for a fight that weekend so there’s no time to train. Scott loses that first fight but Niko’s going to train him before the next one. (Training and fighting montage) While this is happening, Scott is still teaching. He’s starting to care more and be passionate about teaching, like he was ten years ago. This gets the attention of Bella, the school nurse, who Scott has asked out about twenty times. After he’s been fighting for a while, Scott gets a call from the UFC. They’ve heard his inspirational story about trying to save the music department at his school. Niko turns down Scott’s opportunity to fight in the UFC and Scott is not happy about that.

The whole point of this movie is said during one of Scott’s standing on the desk teaching sessions about cells. When one cell starts moving, it gets the rest of the cells around it moving, changing the system. It’s nice when a movie just straight up tells you the point, no soul searching required. This movie is hilarious. Kevin James is a genius when it comes to physical comedy. Who doesn’t love the Fonz? Henry Winkler’s Marty was hilarious. When another fighter has the same walk-in song as Scott (“Here Comes the Boom,”) Marty goes and changes it to Neil Diamond’s “Holly Holy” because it got him through a rough time. Then there’s an applesauce incident and Scott’s fight going viral at school. I like this movie and I laughed a lot. Since it’s about MMA fighting, there’s lots of violence but most of it is in the ring or cage. 8, A-.

Does anyone want to go to Pitch Perfect with me?


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