5/18/2013 Iron Man 3


It starts with a flashback to 1999. Tony is at some kind of convention in Switzerland and his superstar attitude plants a seed of darkness. Also, Y2K didn’t happen in the Marvel universe either. In present day, a terrorist known as the Mandarin is blowing places up and interrupting TV signals on all stations, even the home-shopping network. Happy is at one of these explosions and falls into a coma. Tony is mad and tells the Mandarin that he’s ready to fight. And his address.

Tony Stark is amazing, funny and handsome. This movie has everything: a cute kid, a damsel in distress, a damsel not in distress, a Dora the Explorer watch, scenes from Downton Abbey, a British actor (or two) and a mechanic. Make sure to stick around for the bit at the end of the credits. 13, A-.


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